Show Drive
February 1 to March 15!
17 N Passaic Ave
February 1 to March 15!
17 N Passaic Ave, 17 N Passaic Ave, Chatham, NJ 07928, USA
We will be collecting shoes from February 1 to March 15! Unclutter those closets and drop off those new and gently used shoes!

Past Events

Miriam Belov
Embracing the Earth

Learn how changes in nature affect how we feel.

Climate change continues its obvious effects with erratic weather and extreme conditions. Join Miriam as she shares new ideas and mindfulness exercises to allay the stress you are feeling.

Learn about ecotherapy, forest bathing and how you are a part of nature’s web.

Experience how to relax your body, concentrate your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.


Miriam’s unique program includes:

  • Breakthrough Breathing

  • Mental techniques to focus your mind 

  • Meditative practices to empower you.

Let us all come together and have an evening filled with positive intention and energy.

Miriam Belov is the founder of The Wellness Agenda, a #1 bestselling author, speaker and currently appearing on WOR 710 iHeartRadio. She is a pioneering expert in the wellness field teaching for over 35 years with a MAT from Brown University on all media, corporately and civically. Miriam is also a certified Reiki Master Healer, creating positive change through her techniques and curated strategies that transform lives. She openheartedly shares the wisdom she has learnt over a lifetime of global study.

Cara Maksimow
Lose That Mommy Guilt

Emotional Self-Care for Moms


Through her book Lose That Mommy Guilt: Tales and Tips from an Imperfect Mom, Cara Maksimow speaks directly to moms looking to tap into confidence, self-compassion and let go of that unrealistic expectation of perfect.

Join therapist and author Cara Maksimow, LCSW for an interactive workshop and discussion on how to lose that mommy guilt.

Join wellness coaches Chitra Rochlani and Christina Todaro to shape up for summer and achieve wellness goals. 


Scooch A Mi Boutique 

17 North Passaic Avenue, Chatham, NJ 


  • guidelines on optimizing your fitness routine 

  • power of perspective 

  • meal planning 


Gretchen Burman











Character U: Positive Self-talk and Mindset Skills

Gretchen Burman, founder, author and speaker, teaches positive self-talk and mindset skills to elementary aged children so they have the tools to thrive in today’s world.  Children learn how to change from negative to positive for each of The 12 Cs (compassion, confidence, courageous, cherish, charity, comedy, communication, commitment, cognitive, careful, centered and choices) through the kid-friendly and tangible characters from her book, Green Glory and Red Rant.  She brings these important social and emotional skills to life through school assemblies, workshops and The Adventures of Ooga and Zeeta book.ids to be the best version of themselves.


Lisa DiScuillo











Parenting Matters

Lisa DiSciullo, Parent Coach and Educator, helps parents learn how to stop the yelling and start the cooperation, open communication, and develop and nurture respectful healthy relationships, while guiding their children to take responsibility for themselves and their lives. 

Through workshops, classes and private coaching parents utilize strategies that result in more competent, independent, resourceful children, confident parents and stronger families.  She believes that every child deserves great parenting and every parent deserves the joy that great parenting can bring.




Evelyn Cuchiara

The Toy Tamer

The Toy Tamer comes into your home and installs the right structures and systems so that your kids are in charge of cleaning up the playroom, not you. And they LOVE it since they are now motivated by fun instead of fear. Imagine - no more messy playroom! We do it all for you,giving you a clean organized playroom that will stay that way - forever! And we usually complete the entire job in just one day! 

Refreshments such as wine, cheese, and sweets will be served. See you there!


Grand Opening

October 26, 2017


Scooch A Mi Boutique

Socially Conscious, Distinctively Stylish


A new boutique in downtown Chatham with an eclectic mix of socially- and eco-conscious handmade jewelry, accessories and gifts from local, national and international artisans.


Opening events will support local anti-bullying charity Mallory’s Army.


Brunch Party: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Grand Opening Event: 7 pm to 9 pm


Come out to celebrate with food, drink and giveaways!



17 - 19 North Passaic Avenue

Rear Building

Chatham, NJ 07928

Parking available behind building, accessible via Center St.

(973) 769-7872

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17 North Passaic Avenue

Rear Building

Chatham, NJ 07928


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