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October 15, 2018

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Stop, Breathe, Observe, Enjoy

November 18, 2016

How life became so overwhelmingly busy is the subject for a very long dissertation. We race from one thing to the next, trying to fit everything in. Why we decided we have to fit everything in is another subject for a long dissertation. I realize I am just as guilty of this as the next person. I can barely sit down in my own home without seeing something that needs to be done and get up and do it. I don't settle easily. I don't like to see so many things on my to do list. Therefore, I keep moving. Now keeping moving is a very important thing to do. You don't get stale, you try new things, you keep your body fluid, you get things done. I believe that keeping moving is one of the secrets to aging well. I am learning though that you do have to take time for you. We don't have to take hours or even minutes but at least a moment. The one thing I am putting into practice is to stop, breathe, observe and enjoy. 



There is so much beauty on this earth. We must allow ourselves to take it in. If you can do yoga, meditate, or go for a walk, this is great. If you are not there yet -  giving yourself time - then just take a moment. Stop, breathe, observe and enjoy.


The seasons change here in New Jersey. The colors of the leaves on the trees are magnificent...green, red, brown, orange, burgundy, yellow and all the hues in between. I urge you to see what is right around you. If you really look, you will see something that makes you feel good. There is much in the world that can make us angry, upset, sad, disillusioned. I am asking you to find a moment to really notice that there are many good things around you.


Take a look at the smile on the face of a person near you. Perhaps the sky above is a beautiful blue or gray – yes gray can be beautiful. If you are driving, turn off all the noise and take a few breaths just for yourself. Think of something that made you happy. All that other stuff will still be there after you take some care of you.


I found a route to go to my boutique on a road through a National Park. There is a large pond that I drive over and on either side the view is breathtaking. One day I decided I was going to stop and take photos. I wanted to do this for months. It was my lucky day! There were two gorgeous swans just living their lives on the water. The scene was surreal. That was a month ago and I still can't stop telling people about it. If I did not take the time I would have missed this experience. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes but I will remember it forever. I was able to get great photos. Looking back at them puts a smile on my face and contentment in my heart.


We have to be kind to ourselves. Of course you should be kind to others and I hope you learned that growing up. (Again, another conversation.) We are not taught to take care of ourselves. Sure if something hurts you were told to go to the doctor. What if your heart feels heavy? We can't always rely on others to lighten it. Taking just a few moments a day can help. It will also increase your appreciation of the universe. It is all there for you to stop, breathe, observe and enjoy!

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