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October 15, 2018

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Snow Days

March 16, 2017

How I have always loved Snow Days! This began when I was a child and the focus was family versus mother nature. My mom would dress us in our warm yet very confining winter clothing, dab Vaseline on our lips and cheeks and send us out to “help” dad shovel. I actually remember being the same height as the snow and only having this tunnel like path to walk around. Then the highlight: coming in and getting warm with the added bonus of HOT CHOCOLATE AND COOKIES. What could be better?



As I got older, snow days meant NO SCHOOL which was fine by me. Homework was done. It was a free day to relax or enjoy snow sports with friends. Back then we could not “connect” via internet so it was just a phone call and off we’d go. It was such fun running around the corner to meet friends to go sledding. Then we’d get treated to HOT CHOCOLATE AND COOKIES by someone’s wonderful mom. Yet again, what could be better?!


I’m beginning to wonder whether this theme is changing to HOT CHOCOLATE AND COOKIES!


In my twenties I was living in New York City and snow days were vastly different then in the 'burbs. However, snow seemed to bring out the goodness in people. I found my fellow New Yorkers were ready to help each other over and around snowbanks, across the ice and through the puddles. It was so much fun walking around the city after the storm. Central Park was abuzz with people enjoying their time in the snow – impromptu snowball fights (gentle and kind), trains of sleds going down the hills with one person latched onto the next (mostly all strangers), sharing your sliding apparatus to increase the joy.


When I moved back to the suburbs and started my own family, I realized snow days with my daughters were the best. In keeping with my snow day theme, I would stock up on all the necessary ingredients so we could bake cookies – chocolate chip, of course. We have a great sledding hill at our home and would take great advantage of this. We even developed “flashlight” sledding when we couldn’t get enough in the daylight hours. The laughter and squeals that were heard going down our hill were infectious. Friends of my daughters caught on and would want to be sure to be at our home before the storm hit. There were enough tubes, sleds, flyers and snow gear and yes, HOT CHOCOLATE AND COOKIES to go around.




Today we have a snow day and it still makes me smile. Even though the world has sped up and is constantly connected while inches of snow fall down on us, it is truly a day you can choose to relax, watch movies, catch up on things, get ahead. When people tell me they dislike snow days, I describe all the incredible attributes a snow day has. I have brought around many a naysayer. It is tough to fight Mother Nature, so just enjoy some HOT CHOCOLATE AND COOKIES with her! Stay safe.



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