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October 15, 2018

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What's in a Name?

March 24, 2017

When I tell people about my new boutique, the first thing they ask is  "What's the name?"  I reply, "Scooch A Mi." Then I am asked, "What does that mean?". As my dear friend, Lisa, often says, "It's a cute little story. You're gonna love it!" 


Here goes.....


As a very young child I loved hanging with my dad. Where he was, you could find me. Often this was not ideal for dad. He would be trying to accomplish something and there I was right in the mix. Dad was first generation American. His parents were born in Italy.



In Italian, scoccia mi means bother me. Americanize it a bit and you get "scooch a mi". My dad would look at me while I was trying to get his attention and say, "Scooch a mi, what do you want?" "Scooch a mi, get out of the way!" It was actually very endearing and I knew he meant it with love. I was his little pain in the neck! When he called me scooch a mi, we would both laugh and hug.


As the boutique came to fruition, it needed a name. I went through lots of ideas and nothing really felt right. One day it came to me. Scooch A Mi Boutique! I loved it. Bother Me Boutique! That's what I want everyone to do. Come bother me and see what I've got. It's like the cute little story, "You're gonna love it!".

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