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Partnerships CAN Grow Your Business

September 1, 2017

Scooch A Mi has launched, and I have learned so much in the last 6 months since becoming an entrepreneur.  Website development, inventory curation, accounting and finance procedures, back office, front office, display, packaging, pricing, networking, partnering, social media! Any one of these could take months to learn.  Learning them all at once had my head spinning. But now I am happy to report that I have stopped the spinning and have gained the knowledge needed to run this retail business while continuing to absorb as much as possible so I can reach for success.

As much as there was hard work, trial and error, there were so many great things that happened to me during this journey.  The best of all are the partnerships I developed. Wikipedia defines partnership as an arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. This definition makes this connection seem rather cold where those involved are only taking part for self-advancement.  Now this is often true and perhaps the initial basis of collaboration.  My take on it is that it’s much more rewarding once experienced. I have met, connected and shared knowledge with many amazing and talented people during my journey to entrepreneurship.  We have joined together because we are like-minded and appreciate each other’s mission.  Many of my new partnerships involve extremely creative artists and artisans.


The Artist

I have known Marcia Reich for more years than we care to admit. Marcia is an extremely creative person and an amazing artist. In addition, Marcia has been incredibly encouraging to me and my (ad)venture to become a boutique owner. As I began readying my first location in a fitness  center, Marcia supported my endeavors by hanging her spectacular works of art throughout the space. What an incredible change Marcia’s art brought to the center!  Now, I am thrilled that Marcia Reich Art is located right above me at the Chatham, NJ location. It is exciting to know that pieces of art are in the making every day.  Come see Marcia's works for yourself. You will be rewarded with art that is inspirational, thought-provoking, and absolutely beautiful.





The Jewelry Artisans

I met Victoria by chance at a local street fair. I was walking by Victoria’s booth when I quickly stopped because her jewelry caught my eye. Victoria works with copper, silver, brass and enamel. How she puts these elements into gorgeous pieces of jewelry is unique and awe inspiring. I expressed to Victoria how spectacular I thought her creations were. Two weeks later we met and I am proud to offer Motifs by Victoria at Scooch A Mi.




At a networking event, we went around the circle explaining who we are and what we do. As soon as I heard Nitra speak, I knew a partnership would form. Nitra curates gorgeous, handmade jewelry from India for her company, Glitter Trunk. I am thrilled that Nitra’s selections are available at Scooch A Mi.




The Caftan Creator

A friend of my daughter told us about Kristen.  Kristen lived in Indonesia for a year.  To keep busy, Kristen visited the many lovely fabric shops in Indonesia and came up with the idea to create caftans. The Brand East was born out of the admiration of such lovely fabrics and Kristen’s vision of how they could be integrated into any woman’s wardrobe.  The styles are so wearable and the colors provide a pop to any outfit – even your old reliables.

The Takeaway

Partnerships are essential to grow your business. As you can see, I have met some great people who have provided me with inventory for my boutique while increasing their exposure. The women mentioned here are just a few of the outstanding partners who are part of my journey to success. I am unbelievably lucky to have them in my life. They encourage me daily.  I see what they are doing and am inspired by their drive and passion. They are also very conscientious of giving back to their own communities and other communities in need. This is something that is very important to me and will be the subject of my next blog!

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