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October 15, 2018

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Five Tips on How to Prepare For Back To School Season

August 31, 2018

Back to school is when most parents get anxious and excited because they think they will have time again. The truth is it can be more time consuming than the summer. As a parent, we find that our lives can get more heretic during this time of year. Why? We have to re-adjust our schedule. It doesn’t matter if you are a working mother or stay at home mother you will need to adjust and prepare for this time of year.  But the good news is that you can live a healthy and happy life while the kids are going to school with a few simple tricks.




Here are six tips for Back to School:


  1. Schedule: Having a plan, and sticking to it, is so important for all of you. You need to make sure that all of you are on the same page. I tend to have a whiteboard with the schedule on it so I can look and conquer. It all depends on what is easiest for you to track. You can also use a planner or phone for schedules, but to keep the kids involved, I like to use the whiteboard.

  2. Nightly Preparation: This is one of the biggest things that any parent can do. The night before I always make sure to pull out anything that the kid might need the next day (change of clothes, homework, backpack, etc.) I also have their outfit ready and pulled out for the next day. It takes up so much time when you have to figure out what they want to wear in the morning! Keep your mornings simple so you can focus on getting out the door at the right time without forgetting anything.

  3. Allow Free Time: I like to make sure that we aren’t rushing. I wake up before my kids to finish first. But, it is essential to have the kids ready by a certain time and let them have a little bit of extra time as well. We are not morning people, so I take care of everyone. This sentiment simply means that if you get snow, you will have time to travel and accomplish what needs to be done and still be punctual. If they oversleep, it won’t affect you because you already accounted for that.

  4. Meal Prep/Plan: This is something that everyone needs in their life. It is essential to know if the kid is going to buy lunch or bring lunch every day. Let them choose what meals they want to bring and what ones to purchase. This decision will allow you to have the lunches packed ahead of time and ready to go. But beyond that making sure you have the dinners planned for the entire week is important too. This step will help you keep your sanity so that you don't feel rushed. There is nothing worse than coming home from work, and school, trying to figure out what's for dinner and kids are all being crazy, and you forgot what you had to make… So now you are distracted and more than likely are behind. Eliminate that ahead of time by having a meal planner.

  5. Get Sleep: Of course, we all need sleep. It is so important to keep the same sleep schedule every day (and yes keep it to a minimum on the weekends). This rotation allows the kids to process what they are learning and to be motivated and happy for the school days.

  6. Share Workloads:  Whenever this is possible it is always better to have help. Have your husband and kids help out. Set them with daily, or weekly, tasks to do. The best thing for this is to get organized with a whiteboard so you can plan all the items above plus more. When you are all on the same page, things will go much smoother.  



Don’t forget to take care of you whether that means indulging in some precious gifts from our shop, getting a massage, or just having a timeout.


Till next time!


About the author: Susie Liberatore 

Susie Liberatore is a blogger, and influencer, who talks about all the things lifestyle, parenting, frugal, and deals. She wants other mothers to understand and live a great life just by having the right tools in front of them! Visit her blog



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